(1) Deveropment of New Atmospheric Plasma Sources
Atmospheric Temperature-Controllable Multi-Gas Plasma Jet
Supersonic Pulsed Jet Plasma Source
3D Printed Small Plasma Jet Source
Low Power/Low Flow ICP Torch
Ultra High-Power Multi-Gas Microplasma Source
Droplet Direct Injection Nebulizer
Large Sized Atmospheric Damage-Free Plasma Source
Atmospheric Multi-Gas Inductively Coupled Thermal Plasma Source

(2) Plasma Diagnostics
Menasurement of Reactive Species using ESR/Absorptiometry/Emission Spectrometry
Time/Spatial Resolved Spectroscopic Menasurement of Plasma Sources
Gas/Thermal Flow Simulation in Plasma Source
Schlieren Measurement of Supersonic Plasma Jet

(3) Plasma Applications for Medical/Environmental/Material Fields
Single Cell Analysis using Droplet ICP-AES/TOF-MS
Measurement System of Surface Adhesion Conpounds using Touchable Plasma (APSA)
Plasma Medicine (Sterilization, Blood coagulation, Regenerative Medicine)
Direct Protein/DNA Introduction into Plant Cells using Temperature-Controllable Plasma Treatment
Genome Editing of Plants
Plasma Bubbled-Up Water for Medicine, Food and Agriculture
Decomposition of Hazardous Gases (EOG, N2O, NOx, Salin)
Surface Treatment using Touchable Plasma (Cleaning, Hydrophilization, Coating)

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A. Okino, H. Miyahara et al.
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry
John Wiley & Sons

Akitoshi Okino (ED.)
Atmospheric Plasma its Technology and Process Developmen
CMC Publishing

T. Takamatsu, H. Miyahara, A. Okino, et al.
Gas Plasma Sterilization in Microbiology, Caister Academic Press

Dr. Akitoshi Okino
Associate Professor
FIRST, Tokyo Instutute of Technology
J2-32, 4259 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku,
Yokohama 226-8502, JAPAN
Okino office: J2 Building, Room 1306
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